How to Top-Up my DeeDial account  

    Top up via TRUE MONEY
  • - Dial 02-353-3229
    - Press 1 for DeeDial
    - Press 1 for Thai and Press 2 for English
    - Press 1 for new user (The old user go to
      next step)
    Enter 14 digits True Money Pin.
    Top up successful system will send SMS to confirma
    Online > Top Up Now

  • Top up at 'U TOP UP'
  • Instant top-up service DeeDial via Utopup, Please inform amount of money that you need to top-up. Get receipt with top-up pin number
    *Top up via DeeDial
    - Call 02-353-3766 (Registered number only)
    - Choose English Please Press 1,
      Thai Please Press 2
    - Fill out twelve digits from Slip
    - Receive sms confirmation
    (Optional) top-up online [ ]
    Top up amount 100 250 500 and 1,000 Baht

    U top up available at

  • Top-Up with SawasdeeCard
  • (Available as card / pre-printed vouchers and e-vouchers)
    *Now available at FamilyMart
    Buy 100 baht, 250 baht or 500 baht SawasdeeCard e-vouchers from more than 2,500 locations all over Thailand and follow the simple procedures on the SawasdeeCard to top-up your DeeDial account. Find out where to buy here
    [ ]

  • Top-Up online by credit card
  • This is the most convenient way, just visit and click 'Top Up' follow the simple set of instructions.
    > Top Up Now

  • Top-Up by calling customer service
  • Call customer service at 02-6969500 and request to top-up your account. You will require a valid credit card to make payment.









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